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Lab/Great Pyrenees Pups
     5 males/4 females

   Pups are now 4 weeks old! 7/16/17

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7/19/17  Update on these Lab/Great Pyrenees pups! 

 4 weeks old-These pups are growing so fast and are developing their own personalities-wagging tails and trying out their new teeth. Don't miss out on these cuties! If you see one you are interested in, you can fill out an adoption application and submit it online.
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   CELESTE aka "CC"

   "CC is the mom to our litter of 9 Lab/Great Pyrenees pups.  As soon as she gives up her "mom" job she will be spayed and be ready for her new home.

Sweet dog! Good around other dogs and cats!

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LUCY -Schnauzer Mix
    Approx 1 1/2 years old

Lucy came to us with a litter of pups. She is a good mom and still has the job of raising her pups. We are guessing that Lucy is about 1 1/2 years old and right now is about 20 lbs. She will be available for adoption as soon as these pups are able to be on their own and she has been spayed.

If you are interested in Lucy, please fill out an adoption application and submit it online. Check out our FB page as we update her and her pups.

                     If Interested, Please put in your application above or go to                        HollywoodDogRescue.com.

 Thank you for viewing our page and always check back as we have Dogs    coming in on a regular basis.

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