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BORDER COLLIE MIX_ There are three male puppies available for adoption in 2 weeks. (Approximately January 27, 2018). If you are interested in meeting these pups and pick out your forever pup, please fill out an Application to Adopt/contact Hollywood Dog Rescue.

New York State Registered Shelter/Rescue #RR068. 845-744-2545


STELLA is available for adoption at Hollywood Dog Rescue, Pine Bush, NY. She is 4 months old -vaccinated and spayed. She is such a good pup and she needs to go to her forever home. House trained! If you are looking for the perfect pup, Stella is the one for you. Lots of love and very little work.

Fill out an application to adopt ASAP


MARY, HARRY AND BATMAN- SO there are three pups in this litter and they are 4 months old.. They are part Lab, Hound and even some Shepherd . 

The Black pup is Harry, the brown one with the larger ears is "Bat Man" and the other Brown pup is a female named, Betty. They are ready to go to their forever homes...they need to be loved and socialized. SO, if you are patient and would like to make a puppy happy and secure, this is your chance. Fill out an "application to adopt" and contact Hollywood Dog Rescue in Pine Bush, NY

New York State Registered Shelter/Rescue #RR068. 845-744-2545

 If interested, please put in your application found on our navigation menu or
you may also go to Hollywood Rescue/Petfinder.com and fill out an application.
  Our direct phone number: 845-744-2545. 9am-5pm EST

 Thank you for viewing our page and always check back as we have dogs    coming in on a regular basis. 
 New York State Registered Shelter/Rescue #RR068

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